Security And Protection For Europe’s Largest Bowling Alley

Hundreds of people seek and find relaxation, fun, and competition here after work every day. A complex video security system from Neuscheler ensures security and complete documentation. It all started with a bowling center in Fellbach near Stuttgart. But Knöbl had bigger things in mind. He opened other centers in Böblingen and Metzingen, for example – and his largest project was created on the green field in Unterföhring: The Dream Bowl Palace is located there today. The opportunity arose about five years ago – and it was finished after a record construction time of only five and a half months. “It is very important to us to represent the sport of bowling in Munich in a suitable environment,” says Werner Knöbl. “We see ourselves as a modern training and competition venue for bowling. With 52 bowling lanes, we are currently Europe’s largest bowling center and host of numerous national and international competitions “.

Invest in security

Safety is a key concern of the bowling advisor operator. He invested a lot of time in finding ways to secure his center as best as possible – without making his guests feel like they were being monitored. Ultimately, he was won over by the Neuscheler security concept – above all due to the simple handling of the operation and control of the system. Advikadome day/night color cameras in a vandal-proof design housing are used. The cameras deliver crystal clear images and allow a quick and complete overview of what is happening inside and outside the center. Thanks to the integrated NSA + highlight cut-off, the cameras explicitly have a high-contrast image when used in the underground car park, in order to provide an excellent image result even with strong backlighting (headlights). The more than 40 cameras are managed by two Seneka Sys management computers with a total of 48 recording tracks. The integrated data protection package ensures secure monitoring; different password levels also ensure data protection. This is supported by the individual fading in of private zone masks and an individual assignment of rights, which only offers the operating personnel a limited possibility of accessing images.

Increased requirements

In 2010 the Dream Bowl Palace hosted the men’s world championship – with participants from 66 nations. And in 2011 the European Youth Championship and the European Men’s Championship were held here. This not only increased the interest in the center massively but also the requirements for the video security system. Ultimately, Knöbl decided retrospectively to have the security concept expanded. Additional cameras were added – as well as five operating and workstations from the Seneka series, via which the management software enables live images, archive images, storage of safety-related data, and images to be swapped out. The Dream-Bowl Palace with its 52 lanes presents itself today as an atmospheric dream of a thousand and one nights – including impressive VIP areas – in which you can bowl and relax in a relaxed and safe way.