For the most of us, social media is an extension of our life. For some who are extremely active with their social media accounts, it might even mean that their friends list are already full or have already amassed thousands of followers.

Are You being Stalked?

However, there’s this significant difference between obsessive monitoring and catching up, which is essential to know where to set the line. Having said that, there are warning signs that must be watched out to know whether you are being stalked on your social media like Facebook.

Random Friend Requests

Well, this may be a guy or girl you have seen at a store or while on commute or at times, friend of friend.

This sounds pretty obvious but it is totally best if you are going to avoid accepting them as part of your friends lists.

When checking your own profile, your friend selection displays as preview of the entire friends list isn’t random but, part of the algorithm that might give you insight to who have visited your profile. This algorithm that Facebook has is bringing up friends who have recently contacted you.

Stranger Danger

Just remember the thing that our parents taught us when we were kids, “don’t talk to strangers”. Apply the same principle in social media as well.