Cybersecurity is a big deal today. This is something that should not be taken for granted for it covers everything related to keeping our private information, personally identifiable information or PII as well as protected health information or PHI safe and secured. Not to mention, cybersecurity ensures as well that other data will be uncompromised like:

  • Personal information
  • Intellectual property data and;
  • Governmental and industry information systems

Rising Risk in Cybersecurity

Unfortunately today, there is a growing risk for cybersecurity and is being driven as well by the constant usage of cloud services and global connectivity similar to web services and Amazon to store personal information and store sensitive data.

The widespread of poor cloud configuration services coupled with ever-growing sophisticated cyber criminals is an indication that the risk is very real to businesses.

The Threat is Real

Days are gone when having simple antivirus software and firewalls are enough as your security measures. Business leaders can’t simply leave information security to cybersecurity experts. Threats in cyber world can come in all levels. It is imperative to educate everyone regarding basic social engineering scams such as phishing and advanced cybersecurity attacks.

If you’re not yet worried on the capabilities of cybersecurity, then you better be.