In Typedia – Protect Your Digital Space (Espanol)

Importance and awareness of cybersecurity is ever more important today. In essence, global society is now more reliant to technology than before and there’s no sign that this graph would slow down. Personal data may lead to identity theft, now that everyone has easy access to these pieces of information through social media.

Everyone’s at Risk

Sensitive information similar to social security numbers, bank account information, credit card details are all saved using cloud storage services.

The fact is, regardless of your status in life, whether you are a private individual, a small business or multinational company, you depend on using computers every single day. Couple this with the growth in cloud services and poor security of cloud service, IoT or Internet of Things and smartphones and there are tons of threats related to cybersecurity that do not exist decades ago.

Cybersecurity is a Global Threat

Because of this, world’s government are eyeing on cybercrimes and how it can be prevented. A good example of this would be the GDPR. It boosted damage of breaches by forcing several organizations operating in European Union to assign a dedicated data-protection officer, anonymize data for privacy, communicate data breaches and to require user consent before processing information.

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