Digital Privacy

You might have heard about digital privacy. But do you truly know what it is exactly about? Digital privacy is basically when you could use the internet as well as other connected devices without having to compromise any information sent back and forth.

What Digital Privacy is Trying to Hit?

Different people have different zones of comfort when talking about their digital privacy and safety. For instance, one might be more comfortable sharing their employer, name, address and several other on the internet. Then again, some might be uncomfortable in sharing the same info online.

This is where digital privacy steps in. It’s when the information released by the person is within their comfort zone.

Since social media and search companies have become so common, people are willing to hand over their data. When creating social media profiles or posting social media everything is stored on the server of the site.

Not Everyone is Safe

Since usage data is being stored in a manner that’s connected to your personal information, if ever a hacker was able to access, then you are automatically at risk. Regardless of how much trust you have on Google, Twitter, Facebook and whatnot to store your info, if you allow a third party to use it, this is automatically giving hackers the ability to access your information.