Why The Music Industry Needs Data Security

Cyber Security


In 2013, for being ordered to pay a public $1.2 million reward after a laptop containing his music collection was lost but returned without the musical files, Grammy-nominated producer Ryan Leslie made the headlines. Of how poor data security practices can have a devastating effect on creators within the music industry, this can be one glaring example. Plenty of solutions are being proposed to cut back the probability of important data breaches that might compromise artists’ property as there are many other data breaches and security issues the music industry should adapt to.

Digital Distribution Platforms Are in Danger

Not all digital distribution platforms are as rigorous when it involves data security. And as we learned after the music distribution platform Tunecore was hacked, smaller, newer platforms are especially in danger.

What’s scarier is that music isn’t the sole information that will be compromised, as personal payment information and other sensitive information about artists is in danger in addition. It absolutely was revealed that bank routing, checking account numbers, and billing addresses, further as MasterCard digits were breached too within the Tunecore case.

That’s why it’s essential for artists to form sure that they check if the service they’re desiring to use has been hacked before, and if so, what were the actions taken to form sure true doesn’t repeat itself?


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The Importance of Knowledge Security Compliance

Making sure that the distribution service encrypts user data correctly and that their network is secure should be the very opening move before choosing one. While distribution platforms don’t necessarily need to have a security expert on staff full time, they ought to a minimum have consulted with experts to create sure that their network security is up to par. Artists even have to form sure that they use best practices on their end to stop data breaches.

What Music Creators Can Do to Shield Their Locally Stored Data

Music creators, like Taylor Swift, must have a transparent data security attempt to confirm that there aren’t any important breaches in which music isn’t leaked. That starts with ensuring that unfinished tracks are sent through secure networks. And keeping a good and cohesive team is ultimately the sole thanks to reducing the possibilities of malicious leaks.

In the case of knowledge loss, ensuring that data is secured regularly is that the bare minimum. Hard drives can suffer irreversible damage during or in between sessions even in those cases. A backup disc drive could also suffer from physical failure.

In those cases, only the services of specialized data recovery services might help. Data recovery services like those offered by Secure Data Recovery are going to be able to completely recover files from damaged or failing hard drives and also confirm that the information remains secure and that the artist’s property isn’t in jeopardy.

While one that would mean lots of dollars in lost record sales if it isn’t addressed, data security will still be a pressing issue for the music industry. Thankfully, more is being done to bound controls and confirm that creators are protected.