Prank Calling Apps – Bringing Your Prank Calls To Another Level

Prank calling has carried on to be a funny and playful trick that has tested time. Its popularity isn’t lost and is still done today especially with the prevalence of smartphones. Making a prank call is intended to play a harmless playful trick on people for some laughs. If done well, even the receiving end of the call may find the prank hilarious.

Prank Calling Apps

With the advancement in technology, even phone pranks have evolved where, aside from prank calling, other phone gags have now come into view. Now, there are number of phone prank apps that would certainly bring your phone pranks to the next level.

Prank Calling Simulation Mobile Apps

These kinds of mobile apps simulate prank calls. However, the script is prerecorded rather than you saying the script yourself. These prerecorded pranks offer fun and many unique scenarios wherein expert voice actors read and record the scripts of the pranks which are assigned to them. Using the app is simple and easy. First, choose the prank script you like, and then continue by making the prank call. The prerecorded prank call will then automatically be sent to the person you are pranking.

One great example of this app is Ownage Pranks. This app features numerous very funny characters from their YouTube channel. They offer a large number of prerecordings as wherein the originality as well as the quality of the prank scripts and voice acting are outstanding. Besides the variations of hilarious scenarios, users are also given the option to select different characters to voice act similar prank calls for an experience that is more dynamic and unique.

Voice Changer Apps

Voice changer apps are another kind of app that prank callers use to make prank calls. Over the years, this app has gained much popularity. With this app, you’d be able to alter or transform your voice so that if you decide to prank call someone you know, they wouldn’t be able to recognize your voice. With a voice changing app, you can instantly alter your voice during a live call or adjust the pitch of your voice from high to low.