Popular Japanese Animes that Have the Best Technology Predictions

An aspect that viewers find highly interesting about Japanese anime shows are the technologies writers developed even before they came around in real life. Actually, advanced and unheard of technologies were first invented in the anime world. That being the case, it’s not surprising why some anime fans think that the development of some modern-day gadgets were inspired by the best in anime technology.

While the animations are of different sub-genres, they feature advanced technology that makes their stories quite interesting. Actually there’s a long list of animes ranked as the most technology-oriented, as they include classics like Astro Boy and Digimon. Below are some examples of popular science fiction anime shows that you can download or stream.

Anime Shows Often Included in Lists of Having the Best Technology Feature

Ghost In The Shell

There’s no anime that has not been as frequently included in lists of most popular anime shows under different categories, as “Ghost In The Shell.” The anime came out in 1995 as a cyberpunk movie where robotic body parts and artificial intelligence are already great parts of human lives. The lead character herself, Major Motoko Kusanagia, reached a point of wondering if she is human. If so, does she have other purposes aside from constantly fighting against other cyborgs.

Sword Art Online

This anime first introduced the NerveGear, then later the AmuSphere, which can be roughly described as a helmet with two overlapping metal rings and access to the human brain. The purpose of which is to stimulate and enhance all five senses, which the wearer will use in interacting in a virtual world.
Although early designs of Augmented Reality devices use microwaves in sending signals to the brain, it comes with an Imaginator in creating a virtual realm where avatars of real-life players exist and interact.

Attack On Titan

Fighting against giant, cannibalistic creatures who have successfully breached the mighty wall, is the life that battle-weary people have to do in the world of “Attack On Titan.” Fortunately, they are using the most technologically advanced battle gear called the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear because human strength and stamina are no match against the powerful titans. Appearing as a body harness covering the entire body starting below the neck, it has Hand Grips, Grapple-Hooks and Gas-powered Iron Wire Propeller with detachable Blades.


This anime created the first successful Time Machine known as the PhoneWave, because users can send text messages called D-mail to the past. A weird invention that combines the technical features of mobile phones and microwaves, the machine allows users to communicate and consult with the great minds of the past.