Modern DB Train Transport Concepts

Modern transport ideas are not possible without rail transport. Traffic and the technology that people use for it are changing rapidly. Experts agree that developments that help promote the use of driverless cars will also modify rail transport.DB

Mobile technology, for example, is playing an increasingly important role in new developments relating to rail transport. It allows data to be collected in real-time while driving and ensures that it is processed quickly.

This results in an up-to-date exchange of data between the rail transports used and with the control centres. The fleet administration of transport companies can be enhanced in this way. As a result, trains like db can be used as required and the clock rates for trains can be optimized. This allows better control of the traffic flows on greatly frequented roads. This makes the use of railway transport much more attractive in urban areas. It also relieves other traffic routes.

DB: Autonomous driving on numerous levels

Technologies that people already use today in the development of self-directed and driverless cars will have an effect in many different areas of traffic engineering in the future. Also, it will have a transformative effect. For years, thousands of engineers have been working to turn concepts into tangible products that help the transport industry and traffic to implement modern, contemporary solutions. Ultimately, this also has an impact on society as a whole. Because solutions and products that enable modern transport concepts make a contribution to climate protection and a better quality of life in cities, but also in rural areas.

Embedded technologies are an essential key element of this development. For example, they enable the production of high-performance computers for autonomous driving.

DB Railway: Adapts modern technologies

The rail industry and its users will benefit from this wealth of technologies. However, only if all components are skillfully structured and work in harmony. The railroad is still a very traditional branch of the economy. But one that is open to innovations when it comes to providing rail customers with new services and comfortable travel. Connected trains improve the passenger experience and offer them a higher quality of travel. But they also lead to more efficient processes on the part of the operator. A win-win situation for everyone involved.