How to Use 2-Factor Authentication to Secure Your Rockstar Social Club Account




These days almost everything online requires a separate account and gamers with wide interests will have a dozen to stay track of.

Not only can this be a hassle, but to neglect them may be a security risk, as hackers often target game-related services to realize access to information that may be sold or accustomed to steal money.

The Rockstar Social club may be a platform tailored with grand larceny Auto and other Rockstar franchise fans in mind. And now finally it too has added an option for 2-factor authentication (2FA), which when enabled will make your account safer.

With GTA Online, you wish a minimum of two accounts to play on the majority of platforms. On consoles, you wish for a PlayStation Network ID or an Xbox Live account, alternatively, you can use GTA V modded accounts. On PC, you will own the standalone version where one account is enough, but many players use Steam, that you furthermore might need an account.


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When you have dozens of assorted accounts across services the general public either use the identical password for every and run the danger that if one is compromised, all of them are (not a decent idea!), or have different passwords for every, and risk forgetting them, or writing them down, which is also problematic (LastPass may be a giant help with this last problem).

Tying online accounts to some type of authenticator, usually itinerant-based, can prevent outside access whether or not some other person gets a hold of your password. Like Blizzard’s Battle.Net and Steam, many gaming services have this feature while some even sporting their own authenticator applications.

In the case of the Social Club, you’re not restricted to using the Rockstar-made app, but can choose from several, providing you with greater freedom. If you have already got several accounts tied to 1 authenticator, you’ll use that rather than adding more clutter. While some services have the choice to urge SMS verification codes instead, like EA’s Origin, Rockstar doesn’t offer this.

Rockstar has updated its content with a variety of entries regarding two-step verification to induce you up to hurry if you would like to enable it, and you actually should. Basically, it’s no drawbacks but will facilitate your secure your account, preventing unauthorized access or theft.