Choosing The Right Sound System

Many types of speakers are sold by each manufacturer in order to support every scene, including applications and shapes. The sound quality and shape may differ depending on the type of speaker.

There are different types of speakers depending on the application

There are various types of speakers on the market, such as those with different shapes and different speaker units, and their properties and prices are also different.

By choosing a speaker that suits your life scene, you will be able to enjoy the functions and good quality sound from streaming music with Spotify, Soundcloud or even Youtube mp3. So what kind of application should you choose for your speakers?

For listening speakers when you want to enjoy powerful music at home, you will need to select the speaker type according to the size and shape of the room. Many of the speakers that are generally used for home use have speakers that reproduce bass, midrange, and treble in the speaker box, so you can enjoy well-balanced sound.

For monitors essential for recording

Recently, recording equipment is also sold at affordable prices by each manufacturer, and it seems that more and more people are recording at home as well as in large studios equipped with audio equipment. The sound quality of the speakers is required when recording. The point is to faithfully record the original sound of the instrument.

What is often used in the recording scene is what is called a “monitor speaker”. This is different from general speakers for listening to music, and is used for monitoring (confirming) the sound of music recording and music production at home. Monitor speakers are also priced according to size and number of outputs, so choose the one that suits your recording needs.

Sound quality is different between genuine and commercially available for cars. Many people will enjoy music when they are in the car. You can enjoy enough sound with genuine car speakers, but if you want to have higher sound quality and deep bass, you can try introducing an aftermarket speaker on the market.

Powered active and amplifier required type

A speaker is a sound outlet that converts an input signal into a sound wave, and if the power of the input signal is low, the speaker will not be able to produce a sound sound. Therefore, an “amplifier” is required to amplify the signal.

Since the powered active type speaker has a built-in amplifier from the beginning, the speaker alone can produce a loud sound.

Sealed type and bass reflex type

A certain amount of output is required to produce volume and sound pressure, but since it is surrounded by an enclosure, it is a mechanism that does not let the sound waves generated behind it escape. Therefore, it is characterized by a tight bass.

The “bass reflex type” is an enclosure with holes for air to pass through on the front or back, and the sound is adjusted by the inflow and outflow of air.

Compared to the closed type, the air holes add the output sound, so you can enjoy even stronger bass. Full range and woofer tweeter stand-alone An enclosure with only one speaker unit in the enclosure described above is called a “full-range speaker”.

Furthermore, if you want high sound quality, choose a speaker that combines a “tweeter” that can reproduce high frequencies and a “woofer” that is good at reproducing low frequencies. This allows you to enjoy a powerful sound.