5 Chess Apps To Help You Improve Your Game in Chess

Playing chess is a highly serious game that requires analysis, concentration, and strategy. You can be the best in this mind sport with practice and with the help of chess applications online. You can learn the basics by enrolling in online chess lessons for beginners. You can also hone your skills by playing chess with these 5 cool chess apps.

5 Chess Apps To Help You Improve Your Game in Chess

1. Lichess.

Lichess is free, ad-free, and suitable for your Android or iPhone. You can make your chess game the optimal experience with many different settings. You can play alone against the computer or against friends. You can also choose whether you want to play a game of chess with or without a time limit.

2. Chess (Chess Free).

The chess app, which you can download to your Android phone from the App Store, is ideal for beginners and players who occasionally feel like playing a game of chess. You can set the level of difficulty yourself and, when asked, decide whether you want help. This setting is a great help for chess newbies. You will be taught good moves and bad moves can be retracted and reconsidered. In this way, your game knowledge is actively improved. This app is a very good choice for training.

3. Play Magnus.

Play Magnus is perfect for both beginners and professional chess players. The special thing about this app is that you can play against the world chess champion Magnus Carlsen. For chess beginners, the level of difficulty can of course be adjusted and played against an optimal computer opponent. In general, the app has a nice, clean, and modern design. To improve your optimal knowledge, there are chess tutorials from the world champion himself. But you can also play against your own friends or other players. There is also the option of displaying strategically sensible moves as well as mistakes and threatening moves by the opponent. The downside of this app is that many workout videos are paid for.

4. Shredder Chess.

Shredder Chess has been around for many years. As with many other apps, you can also set the level of difficulty here. It is, therefore, suitable for professionals and beginners. In order to be able to optimally improve your chess knowledge, you can analyze your moves with Shredder, recognize your mistakes and learn from them. A disadvantage of this chess app, however, is that it can only be downloaded from the app store for a fee.

5. Chess and Mate: Learn Chess for Kids.

This app is ideal for children. Here children are taught the basics of chess and they are well introduced to the game of chess. The graphical representation of the app is animated in a child-friendly way and thus increases the motivational character. First, all chess pieces are presented individually, what they are called and what they can do. In addition, animated characters help the children play and motivate them more. When the first basic moves and knowledge are in place, the children can also challenge other little chess players. A disadvantage of this app, however, is that it can only be downloaded from the App Store for a fee.

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Chess is a great game to introduce to children. It helps them develop their mental skills, focus, and concentration. Chess is also a great game for adults to maintain good mental health and prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. Give these 5 applications a try and start a wonderful journey in the world of chess

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