Deadbolt Security and How to Keep Hackers Out

There are only a handful of havens to which you can escape when the day’s rhythm becomes nearly unbearable. Amidst all the joy you’ve witnessed, there may come a time when you’ll treasure the one place that is always there for you, where you feel secure—your “home.” However, modern technology has overcome the weakest link, making even stronger doors the subject of vulnerability.

The problem is that the house can always be broken into; this is where a trusted deadbolt comes into play—a physical barrier that adds one more layer of protection to your house. Nevertheless, for their strength, deadbolts are far from perfectly unbreakable. The safety of our home from strangers becomes the primary concern. How can you ensure the house remains the fort it is designed to be?

Understanding Deadbolts: Common Vulnerabilities

The most famous of them, the deadbolts, are known for being more potent than spring ones. A pin is inserted through the door frame to increase its security, which ultimately keeps the lock from being kicked in. Although only some can guarantee complete safety, even the most reliable and secure technology can be broken into. Consider the following common vulnerabilities:

Lock Tampering

Breaking in may be more difficult with today’s locks, but the burglar may attempt to pry the deadbolt or tamper with the lock system. This could mean bumping keys, wrench drilling, or using a lockpick to soften the cylinder. 

Door Weakness

An excellent deadbolt is just as strong as the door it’s mounted on, but the quality of the door may render it weaker. A very flexible side with a door with a less strongly reinforced door frame will be easily attacked, and the deadbolt will become meaningless.

Hidden Spare Keys

Some homeowners feel safe putting their secret keys outdoors, such as under doormats or above door frames. Criminals know that the first spots they check for hiding spots are notorious hiding spots.

Fortifying Your Deadbolt Defenses Against Hacker

Here are simple tips that ensure top-standard safety and smart security tips for your home.

1-Choose the Right Deadbolt

Buy a perfect mortice lock with a solidly reinforced body and a bulletproof, strong cylinder that can’t be drilled or bumped. Don’t hesitate; instead, choose grade 1 or 2 deadbolts complying with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

2-Reinforce Your Door Frame

The door strike plate is bolted to the metal doorframe to reinforce the entry point. Make sure you set the trim plate straight into the doorframe stud for extra protection.

3-Nix the Hidden Key

Beside the temptation to tuck spare keys under flowerpots, avoid it. Gladly, you don’t have to hide a spare key if you leave it with a neighbor or a trustworthy friend.

4-Upgrade Your Door

Change your hollow-core door to a high-quality solid-core door and get the benefits of the much quieter door. Hollow doors give a chance to opportunistic thieves, so the choice is obvious: solid-core doors provide way better protection from break-in attempts.

5-Consider a Smart Lock

Intelligent locks carry the unique function of remote locking as well as access permissions. They can be dovetailed with home security systems to take the protection of the home to a higher level.

Is it Possible for a Locksmith to Open a Deadbolt Lock?

The question here is: can locksmith open a deadbolt? A locksmith with proper credentials can also unlock a deadbolt if you have lost your keys. While they work on small-scale projects, they mostly rely on special tools not commonly available to ordinary people. In addition, respectable locksmiths would only open up locks to enable them to serve a person with a legitimate case and valid ID.

Adopting those guidelines and being alert will surely make your deadbolt one of the most impenetrable against intruders. Take pride in understanding that a safe house will always be a haven where you belong and where you always feel at peace.

Invest in your security, and you will not only obtain a sense of security, but you will also know the safety of your fortress is properly ensured.