In Typedia – Protect Your Digital Space (English)

Using private search engines when browsing the web is more secured than regular search engines for it is not collecting and storing any of your information. Biggest search engines online are also operating the biggest advertising networks.

Why Depend on Private Search Engines?

There are basically many good reasons for using private search engines when browsing the web like for example:

  • No tracking of personal information or searches
  • No filtered bubble effect
  • User-friendly practices
  • Unbiased and neutral results

How You can remain Secured and Safe Online?

There are many practices that can be used today if you want to be certain that you have a secure online browsing experience. For example, using browser extensions will do a lot. But, this works differently in protecting your data privacy.

Some are blocking tracking scripts on the websites that you are visiting while others are helping to create better and stronger passwords.

The Rise of VPNs

Another way that can be done in masking your IP address or the location of your computer in the digital world is by using VPN. This keeps your IP address hidden all the time by means of redirecting internet connection via virtual networks. A thing to be considered about VPN is that, you must be using reputable and known providers. Otherwise, you might just be sharing your online activities with another firm, which then destroys its purpose.

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